Increased Sex Drive

Reasons for Increased Sex Drive

Increased sex drive in men (satyriasis) and women (nymphomania) may be associated with latent homosexuality, which prevents the establishment of stable symbiotic relationships with a sexual partner; incestuous motives that lead to the constant search for the ideal partner; the desire for hypercompensation of the inferiority complex; persistent anxiety, which is removed by sexual intercourse.

Symptoms of Increased Sex Drive

The desire for frequent sexual intercourse as an isolated disorder, for which the patient complains due to the fact that as a result of frequent sexual intercourse it is not possible to achieve orgasm, or as a result of the desire for new sexual objects, stable family or partnerships are destroyed.

Diagnosis of Increased Sex Drive

It should be differentiated with increased sexual desire in frontal atrophy in middle and late age, episodes of juvenile hypersexuality as physiological periods, as well as changes in sexuality in affective disorders. With frontal atrophy, other symptoms of social dysfunction are present, in particular, egocentrism intensifies, wayward malice or euphoria occurs. Organics are refined using CT and NMR studies. In affective disorders, signs of depression or, more often, mania can be detected.

Treatment for Increased Sex Drive

Reducing sexual desire can be achieved using potassium bromide, benzodiazepines, carbamazepine or lithium, as well as using behavioral therapy and psychoanalysis, the methods of which are aimed at enhancing sublimation processes.