Speech Excitedly

What is Speech Freeze?

Speech fluency disorder, including impaired speech speed and rhythm, as a result of which speech becomes incomprehensible. Speech is erratic, irregular, consisting of fast and sharp flashes that usually contain incorrectly composed phrases (periods of pauses and flashes of speech are not related to the grammatical structure of the sentence).

Causes of Speech

The causes of the disorder are unknown. Persons suffering from this disorder have similar cases among family members.


There is no evidence of prevalence. It is more common in boys than in girls.

Symptoms of Speech

The disorder begins between the ages of 2 and 8 years. It develops within a few weeks or months, worsens in situations of emotional stress or pressure. A diagnosis requires a duration of at least 3 months.

Speech is fast, speech flashes make it even more incomprehensible. About 2/3 of children recover spontaneously to adolescence. In a small percentage of cases, secondary emotional disorders or negative family reactions occur.

Diagnostics Speech Excitedly

Speckless speech should be differentiated from stuttering, other disorders of speech development, characterized by frequent repetitions or lengthening of sounds or syllables, which violates the fluency of speech. The main differential diagnostic feature is that during speech, the subject is usually not conscious of his disorder, even in the initial stage of stuttering, children are very sensitive to their speech impairment.

Speech Treatment Excitedly

In most cases, with moderate to severe severity, speech therapy is indicated.

Psychotherapeutic techniques and symptomatic treatment are indicated in the presence of frustration, anxiety, signs of depression, difficulties in social adaptation.

Effective family therapy aimed at creating adequate conditions for the patient in the family.